What is street style wear?

Street style wear is a comprehensive approach to fashion including the the intersection of fashion based on individualism and current fashion trends.The street styles helps the individuals to demonstrate their multiple identities by the intersection of sub cultural and trending styles. Thus they became incredibly viral and an addictive facet of fashion.

How to style street style designer wear woman?

Since street style designer wear is a fluid genre of clothing, it is very difficult to decide which specific pieces it belong to. It is often built around the casual clothing like jeans, t shirts, jacket, hoodies, etc. As street wear clothing is influenced by the 1980’s nostalgia, early skate boarding, surfing and hip hop culture is appeared in the t-shirts. The major fact on the street style wear is that, as the look is constantly changing and evolving, it is hardly genre to define to define the countless opportunities to experiment the style.

ÚCHÈ by Amber has been making waves in the street style wear industry thanking to the formula of exclusive pieces that fuses the Nigerian heritage designer’s with urban aesthetics. ÚCHÈ by Amber strives to provide a unique and bold ready to wear collections for all genders and cultures drawing inspiration from different times, eras and culture. UchebyAmber RTW pieces includes street wears and designers wears like T- shirt, bumbag woman, oversized jackets, oversized fashions, pants, skirts, etc,To maintain exclusivity of RTW pieces are produced in limited numbers for each collection.

Latest trends of UchebyAmber

Bumbag top for woman: A contemporary streetwear for woman that redefines the authentic Nigerian culture for impressing others.
ISSA ÚCHÈ Wrap skirt :The major highlight of this skirt is the adjustable strap that can be connected to the wrist and to the buckle of skirt.
ÚCHÈ simple pants: This pants features a crisp white base material with an added ÚCHÈ monogram variation. The cotton material gives the oversizeness of some structure and allows the flexibility to any body shape and type.